NILI receives an NEH Cares award

NILI receives an NEH Cares award to bring educational offerings online!

     Due to COVID 19, NILI’s 2020 Summer Institute (SI) for Indigenous language teachers and learners at the University of Oregon was not held in its regular, face-to-face format, ending the 22-year run of an educational program designed to boost language revitalization. SI typically hosts 50+ participants from around the nation and staffs 12-15 university and tribal faculty. Instead, NILI hosted an online event called the Language Revitalization Learning Series (LRLS) that allowed them to experiment with synchronous delivery.
     With the National Endowment for the Humanities NEH Cares funding, NILI will be able to build upon the LRLS and create more online training and professional development opportunities for endangered language practitioners. A team of university and tribal faculty will adapt existing courses and develop new ones that can be taken year-round and in conjunction with future Summer Institutes. The online delivery will provide professional development chances even during times of social distancing, with the potential to reach a much wider range of practitioners from the language revitalization community.

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