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The Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI) provides training in applied language teaching and in linguistics to Native American language teachers of the Northwest through its summer institute and on-site trainings. NILI also offers consultation services to tribes in the areas of language program design, assessment, policy, linguistics, language documenting and archiving, and grant writing.


NILI supports and strengthens language preservation and revitalization efforts.  With tribal, academic and community partners, NILI establishes  collaborative, on-going projects which meet the specific needs and desires of each language community. Integral to NILI are teacher training, curriculum development, language documentation and appropriate uses in technology. NILI provides outreach services on issues of language endangerment and advocates for language revitalization issues.


NILI was created at the University of Oregon in 1997 as an answer to tribal requests for Native language teacher training. It is affiliated with the Department of Linguistics, the Center for Indigenous Studies, and the Center for Applied Second Language Studies. We also collaborate with the Superintendent of Education’s Office at the Oregon Department of Education to create and strengthen Native language and education policies.

Our purpose is to provide language support services to Tribes, through teaching and community outreach, toward the common goal of preserving language and creating communities of speakers.


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Women of Running Strong for American Indian Youth®: Cheryl Tuttle   May 14, 2018


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