Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

Through our relationship with Mary Linn of the Smithsonian Institute, we were connected with Roseanna Thompson, DeLaura Saunders and Jason Lewis of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. In late 2012, we began working with them on their ANA project to do teacher training and project evaluation. NILI faculty travelled multiple times to Mississippi to do training, and we developed online trainings as a part of their teacher certification course to augment the number of times we could interact with the team and class. Choctaw teachers also attended NILI’s Summer Institute for several years during that project. The following year, several Choctaw language teachers attended the first online teacher training courses offered by NILI and were instrumental in shaping these classes. More recently, we were happy to welcome Choctaw teachers back to our Summer Institute as part of their new federal grant.

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