NILI work and collaborations in the News:

Linguists and Native Americans Team Up on Indigenous Languages 

“Today, Native social scientists are actively engaged in the revitalization of their cultures and languages. At the University of Oregon, teams of Native researchers are building digital archives containing historical documentation to make language knowledge available to their communities.”
-Matt Cooper, Around the O

Enna Helms and Gabriela Perez-Baez

Women of Running Strong for American Indian Youth®: Cheryl Tuttle 

“I think that the language is the mind of the people. Inside of the language, even in the way things are spoken about, you know how people thought. How the ancestors thought about things, what was important to them. Their world view is wrapped up in language”
-Dreamstarter mentor and Wailaki Language teacher Cheryl Tuttle

Cheryl Tuttle



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