The research of the faculty and staff of the Northwest Indian Language Institute bridges the gap between theory and application. Our research expertise is recognized nationally and internationally for its breadth and scope, grounded in collaborative experience and with an eye towards practical applications for the communities with whom we work. We have disseminated research in many areas, including:

  • Native American Languages
  • Language Description and Analysis
    • Jansen, J. (2012). Ditransitive alignment in Yakima Sahaptin. Linguistic Discovery, 10 (3), 37-54. Here.
    • Beavert, V. & Jansen, J. (2011). Yakima Sahaptin bipartite verb stems. International Journal of American Linguistics, 77 (1), 121-49.
  • Bilingual and Immersion Techniques
  • Language Assessment
  • Curriculum Development
    • Jansen, J., Underriner, J. & Jacob, R. (2013). Revitalizing languages through place-based language curriculum. In Mihas, E., Perley, B., Rei-Doval, G. & Wheatley, K. (eds.) Responses to language endangerment: In honor of Mickey Noonan. (pp. 221-242). Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Here.
  • Intersection of Documentation and Language Teaching
  • Language Teaching
  • Language and Health
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
  • Language and Educational Policy
  • Materials Development
  • Online Collaborative Learning

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In addition to our own research, we work with colleagues at UO to develop respectful and inclusive research and data management practices and procedures for projects, including tribal partners. In addition, we mentor UO students as they plan and carry out their research projects. Examples from student alumni include:

You can see more examples of our collaborative work on our Collaborations page.

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