Summer Institute 2018

NILI Summer Institute: June 18-29, 2018

Youth program update:

Due to high demand, our youth program has filled. Applications for the youth program will be placed on a numbered wait list. Please contact us for more information.


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Classes offered this year

Introduction to the Linguistics of Native Languages
Sahaptian Linguistics
Intermediate Linguistics
Language Courses: Chinuk Wawa, Ichishkíin, Lushootseed, Tolowa Dee-ni’
Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a Method of Healing
Teaching Methods: Immersion Teaching Strategies for All Language Teachers
Teaching Methods for Native American Languages
Materials Development: Multimedia and Technology
Materials Development: Language through Nature for Young Learners
Youth Materials Development
Youth Applied Methods

Workshops offered this year

Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Sticks and Stones…and a bit of luck! Revitalization and Native Language Development Using Games in a Classroom Setting

Summer Institute 2018 Scholarship application available!

• The cost for this year’s Summer Institute is $2150 plus room and board fees. (2018 room and board costs posted below)
• If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please fill out the form here:
Adult Scholarship Application
Youth Scholarship Application
• The deadline to submit an application is May 14, 2018. (For more information on scholarships please see section below.)

Summer Institute Teacher Training Program

NILI’s Summer Institute Teacher Training Program is a 2-week program where Native language teachers and learners study an Indigenous language, linguistics, teaching methods, and language activism. Teachers will learn to apply teaching strategies and will develop materials to take home to their classrooms.

• Learn how to teach whole language (moving from words to sentences)
• Have guided teaching opportunities
• Create needed language materials for your community
• Learn more about the structure, vocabulary, and pronunciation of Indigenous languages
• Experience language learning from a student’s point of view
• Become more familiar with a variety of teaching practices and methods
• Speak in Indigenous languages with your team members and classmates

Summer Institute Youth Program

High school students study language, linguistics and teaching methods. They will design and create activities to support preschool learners. Guest speakers (UO faculty and Native students) present information and experiences that will introduce youth to college life and create a bridge to higher education. Students are mentored in project brainstorming, planning, linguistic guidance, pedagogy, evaluation, tool support, and product delivery.

• Gain skills in language learning
• Take on leadership roles in language preservation and teaching while demonstrating a commitment to their Tribe’s values and traditions.
• Become more technologically literate
• Learn to manage their own projects
• Contribute to language revitalization within their communities

NILI Summer Institute Costs for 2018

• Tuition: $2,150 (4 university credits)
• Elder registration: $375 (no university credits)
• On Campus Housing (On campus housing is optional. Check in 6/17. Check out 6/29.):
o Single room: $900/person ($75/night)
o Double (shared) room: $756/person ($63/night)
-This includes room, three meals a day at Carson Dining Hall, towels, and bedding.
• Optional on-site parking pass: *2017 costs were $67 (2018 costs will be posted soon.)
Limited scholarships are available. Scholarship information is below.
If you have questions or need further information, please email us.


• Please complete a scholarship application by May 14, 2018.
• Please be sure to apply early as the deadline will not be extended.
• The scholarship application can be found here:
Adult Scholarship Application
Youth Scholarship Application
• Due to generous support, some years NILI is able to give at least some funding to those applying for scholarships. Other years we are challenged to do so. Scholarships are for partial tuition for the two-week Summer Institute only and do not cover housing, meals, or parking (if applicable).
• Scholarship funds are targeted towards those who could not attend the Institute without support. If you are employed as a teacher or at a language program or school district, you must first seek funding from your program. We encourage all those in need of financial assistance to seek funding from other sources as well.

Policy for Youth Participants Chaperones

(High School Students from Ages 14-18)
• It is our experience in providing a youth component to NILI Summer Institute over the last three years that communities have wanted to provide their own chaperones for youth participants.
• If you are bringing youth, someone must be designated in your group who will assume responsibility for chaperoning youth participants. If boys and girls are attending, then both male and female chaperones are needed. Youth and chaperones will attend all NILI events during the Institute. Chaperones need not be present in the classroom with youth, but must be responsible during out of class hours and at night. Chaperones will need to cover their own dorm expenses (room and board) in order to stay in the dorms with the participants.
• All youth attending NILI must have consent forms signed by parents/guardians prior to the Institute.
• If you are considering bringing youth to NILI, please contact our office at to make arrangements.

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